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Orlando Home Buyers Rebate Program

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Thanks you for choosing to visit our site and to check out what all the fuss is about in the buying world in the Orlando area real estate market! We have put together an exciting program that will allow you the opportunity to put cash back into your transaction at the closing table (lenders restriction may apply see the information here) to help you pay for loan costs, closing title fees or other allowed applications of funds that are “gifted” to you by a third party when purchasing a home for sale in the Central Florida area.

As indicated above there may be some Lender Restrictions placed against your ability to accept gifted monies and whatever those may be, if there are any at all, we Must abide by them, since it is a federal crime to receive monies outside of a closing using federal funds! We’ve included a link also to help you better understand the Closing Process so that there are no unexpected surprises that may hit you at the end. Along with that link we’ve included another link directly to a local title company that will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about the process, of course they would appreciate your business in return, but you are by no means obligated to do so by any vendor we might suggest!

Okay so How Does It Work Exactly is probably what you really want to know by this point! We will address what we can here, but if ever you have questions please feel free to use our Contact Us page and we will be happy to answer any an all of your questions, afterall, we want the right to earn your business and by providing you excellent service along with the MORE Buyers Rebate Program we believe you will see an understand the value we bring to the table to help you achieve your desired real estate goals.

Below you will see an illustration that shows how the MORE Buyers Rebate Program effectively works and can potentially put thousands of dollars towards your closing costs, may be even in your pocket (although we do not promise or guarantee cash at closing since many lenders restrict “cash-out” closings for buyers)!

Get Up To 50% Of The Commission Back At Closing


As you can see by the illustration this amount could make a significant difference in the ability for you to buy the home! We want to make sure we prepare you for the home purchasing process in advance, it is the wrong time to not know something when you are already out “looking” at homes. The happiest buyer’s will always be those that knew what they needed to do in advance, prepared for those events and then when capable executed on the reality of those steps needed and required to obtain their homeownership goals!

MORE Realty Services isn’t look for a one time customer and then see ya’ later alligator, no, we want lifetime friends, clients and people that understand we do this for them! As you may already be able to tell, I am passionate about real estate an even MORE obsessed in finding ways to better your experience right now, as well as those future referrals and clients experiences.

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Restrictions Of Use

We know everyone that sees this page is going to want to take advantage of this service, it’s really simple, if you would like to get money to help pay for the purchase and it comes from the person helping you to make sure all your best interests are covered, what could be better than that right? Unfortunately, we do have limitations to the MORE Buyers Rebate Program as we outline below.


First, this is not offered to investors or others looking to buy or sell homes for profit. Sure we might pick up a few extra investors along the way, but ultimately our goal is to help the end-user homeowner to be to gain a better advantage into the making of their goals realized. Those doing this for profit are certainly able to utilize our buyers services for investors and we encourage you to do so, afterall that’s our job as real estate professionals.


Lender Restrictions! This is an area that gets some buyers and sellers into a lot of trouble because they think that it doesn’t really mean anything, I mean, why not just do it under the table or outside the closing. We absolutely will not work with someone that does insist on this illegal behavior and if we have time into the process may demand a fee for services rendered. These are the lenders rules for giving you money to make a purchase and if you can’t live by those guidelines then basically you are dishonest and we would prefer not to work with you based on that situation. This may sound rough or unreasonable to some reading this, however to us it is an absolute, because of two reasons, one being it’s the law, the other being because it’s the right thing to do! The word is integrity and we plan to serve many clients along this lifetime and skipping over some rules is a surefire way in this highly regulated industry to lose your license and since I’m too old to work at Micky’s anything, I follow the rules. With that said, your lender will have guidelines that if you do not fully understand you should consult legal advise before signing those documents. It is a commitment and we recognize that as an obligation you took and we are helping to transact.


The MORE Buyers Rebate Program has a minimum acceptable commission rate of $997.00. What this means is simply that anything above the $997.00 amount we will split up to 50/50 as allowed by your lender or other restrictions. This could also mean that if we are able to get you seller concessions that reach your lenders third party gifting restrictions level that those monies would be yours and the full commission would be ours even if it passes the minimum acceptable commission rate of $997.00. For instance, if your lender states that the CAP for your loan type is (3%) outside contributions are allowed and we are able to get the seller to make the full contributory level of the (3%) then we are entitled to the entire commission being offered by the listing agent. At the same token if we can only get them to contribute say (2%) of that (3%) level , then you would be entitled up to the dollar point as allowed to maximize your lenders restrictions from the commission we receive over that same $997..00 amount. So no matter which way we can help you to obtain additional allowed funds it is our goal to get them for you to help you get into that property saving MORE of your own cash for moving costs.